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Pens by TEG

Made in the USA

Handmade Pens and Things - A Family Treasure

Our Dragon pens are unique and we try to make them have the character of a real dragon using pewter for the parts and different types of RhinoPlastic colors for the materials. In addition, you may choose to have wood for the main part of the pen. We have nearly 100 different acrylic colors and as many woods from around the world.All wooden pens make great gifts. One this page you see some that are very typical and some that are rare or unusual. Their quality is very high and they make excellent gifts for any occasion. These pens are made in the US and are wonderful to hold and write with. A handmade pen makes a great gift. Order your unique pen now.

The Dragon pens are priced at $40.00.

The Dragon pens

This pen has pewter parts and the acrylic is black and white. The color is know as Zen. It uses a Parker style refill.