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Pens by TEG

Made in the USA

Handmade Pens and Things - A Family Treasure

Our pens are of high quality and at $15.00 for each pen represents a very reasonable value. We charge $0.00 for mailing each pen in the United States. Each pen is mailed in its own pen box which is attractive and would be suitable for you to give as a gift. This applies to only when shipping in the United States.

Please use our email to contact us at  [email protected] if you have special situations to discuss.

Our mailing address is:   

Thomas E. Graffte

Pens by TEG

116 Rosewood Street

Johnston, PA 15904

(814) 266-1359

[email protected]

Each pen will be crafted after your order has been placed and receipt of funds has been completed. If you plan to order a large quantity (10 0r more) please let us know as soon as possible.