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Pens by TEG

Made in the USA

Handmade Pens and Things - A Family Treasure

RhinoPlastic Razors

We currently offer the Mach 3 Razor and the Fusion Razor. In addition, we have the Badger Hair brush along with a stand to hold the razor. Every item is handmade. Pens by TEG is the name we use for our business, but as you can see we also make other items. The razors we offer and of two styles: Mach 3 and Fusion. They are mostly created from an acrylic as the razors will be around water a lot. We do offer them in very dense woods such as Arizona Desert Ironwood. The acrylic used is known as RhinoPlastic and is an extremely nice acrylic which typically has a three dimensional (3D) look with swirls of at least two different colors.

Mach 3 Razor

This razor is crafted from rattlesnake skin which is covered in a clear acrylic. The convex surface serves to magnify the skin. a very attractive razor.


Mach 3 Shaving Set (razor only)

At this time we are only offering the Mach 3 razor in Earth's Core.

We expect to offer the stand and the brush at a later date. THE PRICE IS ONLY FOR THE RAZOR.


Mach 3 Japanese Cherry

An extremely attractive razor with a lot of internal swirls of cherry and light purple.This looks just like jewelry.


Mach 3 Purple Passion

This razor has swirls of purple and white which make a great contrast with each other.


Mach 3 Strawberry Daiquiri

This pink acrylic has a lot of 3D swirls of light pink inside of the darker pink.


Mach 3 Norse Pride

This razor has an acrylic which has swirls of purple and yellow with a 3D reflection of silver.


Fusion 5 Frozen Assets

This is one of the newest RhinoPlastic colors and has real cash shredded in a clear acrylic. Your razor would be similar to this one. A sample starting blank is shown in the background.