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Pens by TEG

Made in the USA

Handmade Pens and Things - A Family Treasure

We craft our wine stoppers and seam rippers from an acrylic made in the USA. It is called RhinoPlastic and is produced in Columbia, SC.

Our first RhinoPlastic wine stoppers and seam rippers are shown below and we are very proud of them.

Double Seam Rippers or with once seam ripper and stiletto. The come in wood or acrylic.

Sparkling Blue Double Seam Ripper

A beautiful color of blue accented with chrome parts which make a very nice accent


Northern Lights Double Seam Ripper

Our Northern Lights seam ripper has gold parts and swirls of purple and pink. It is a great color and crafted from RhinoPlastic - made in the USA. This is a TEG seam ripper.