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Pens by TEG

Made in the USA

Handmade Pens and Things - A Family Treasure

Our custom pens and styluses come in both RhinoPlastic colors which match our handmade pens. In addition, we will be adding styluses made of wood that again match out custom wood pens. This addition is an exciting new offering which many customers have asked for. We are happy to oblige. Our first such stylus is shown below and is the Orion Nebula color which is also first on our RhinoPlastic 1 pen page. Any pen with gold or gun metal parts in the Funline Style can be a stylus if you ask for it. Add $3 for this feature. As a handmade pen, it can reflect what you want. Pens by TEG simply means that you have a quality pen crafted the way you want it to be. We have many different types of wood from all around the world and our acrylic is of very high quality and is know as RhinoPlastic. RhinoPlastic could just as well be used for jewelry.

Orion Nebula Stylus

This Orion Nebula Stylus was handmade in the United States and includes the gold stylus box and an extra black ink refill. The parts are gold and accent the reddish/purple swirls of color. The color combination is an attention getter with the internal reflective light colors. Be sure to click on the photographs so that you can see the three dimensional colorization. The stylus blank is not for sale at this time.

Orion Nebula Stylus

Regal Blue and Silver Stylus

Our Regal Blue and Silver Stylus is absolutely wonderful to hold in the hand and the color is outstanding. The parts are gold. It comes with a gold box and a black ink refill.

Regal Blue and Silver Stylus

For Your Computer Screen movements use a stylus.

Use a stylus to move more easily on your computer. It is more accurate.